The Soulful Journey of Relationships with Andy Brine and Gia Lili

The Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine

In this workshop you will discover how to:

  • Embrace both aspects of yourself in order to connect with your Soul Mate or Twin Flame.
  • Identify the challenges you may face when you are not aligned with your masculine and feminine aspects.
  • Uncover Shadow aspects within yourself that are preventing you from your union.
  • Discover Your Hero or Heroine's Journey to creating Wholeness within your Self.
  • Both Andy Brine and GIa Lili are coming together to bring their expertise to support you on your journey to connect with your Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects. As a Soul Pathway mentor Andy uses The Hero's Journey to Help You Connect with Your Soul and Gia is a well-respected Twin Flame Mentor and Coach who helps individuals step from separation into Union.

    Spaces Limited to 12 - Be Sure to Reserve Your Space Early to Save Dissapointment

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    £75 - To Book Your Place

    ***Or a Deposit of £40 if required to reserve your place.

    P.S. I wish you all the best on your Soulful Journey of Relationships