Stripping Yourself Bare and Living in Your Naked Authenticity in the New Year

Stripping Yourself Bare and Living in Your Naked Authenticity in the New Year

Striping Yourself Bare and Living in Your Naked Authenticity in the New Year - The Entrepreneurs Journey

Stripping Yourself Bare and Living in Your True Naked Authenticity! What does this truly mean and how can you go about doing this for yourself in the new year?

First of all “Authenticity” is a term that is very often over used, after speaking with many people over the last few years, some are put off just by the mention of the word. So, before getting started, let me explain to you why I have chosen to use Authenticity and what it means to me.  Authenticity to me means, living in the true nature of who you are. Living in alignment with your values, beliefs, motivations and what drives you every day. Its breaking free from your fears and living with courage, its creating a state of bliss and living in flow with your life. So… how can you go about doing this in your life?

Mythos 1 - Identifying Ourselves and Our Persona

This takes me back to the work of Joseph Campbell from his lectures in Mythos 1 and 2, where he talks about your Persona. The image to the left illustrates your persona, which is broken down between the Ego, your Self and your Shadow. Above the line is everything that exists in your conscious mind where as everything below lives in your subconscious/ unconscious mind.

Your Ego represents the conditions that have been placed on you by society. Where you are taught to believe certain things about yourself and the world around you. These conditions can often cause you to have a lack of belief in yourself and even the work that you do, it can also lead you to have a false representation of the world around you. Yet these conditions form the basis of who you are and how you live your life.

Now lets look at your Self, which is delving deeper into understanding yourself and who you are at a core level. As you can see, this exists below the line and in the subconscious/ unconscious mind. This is were your values, beliefs, drivers, motivations, fears and unconscious behaviours exist. This means, in order to understand yourself and your true nature, you have to gain a level of understanding of who you are at the deeper unconscious level. Neuroscience Confirms that your Subconscious Shapes Your Reality, which basically means everything that exists in your subconscious creates who you are and drives the decisions you make each and every day.

When you are living by the conditions of the Ego, the conditions that have been placed on you by society, you are not living in the true nature of who you are. In order to do this, you need to look at your unconscious drivers, motivations and values. Begin by asking yourself, “What do I value most in life?”, “What is important to me about….”, it is your values that shape your beliefs. I always recommend that you look at your six human needs and what your primary drivers are, this will lead you to what drives you as an individual ever day.  I would also recommend you use a personality profiling tool to gather a clearer understanding of yourself and your personality, I would recommend using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. There are many other processes that you can use to understand yourself, your core values, beliefs, motivations and what drives you at the deeper level.

Finally we have the Shadow side of your persona. This is where your unconscious fears exist, and where you will find the blocks that are holding you back. I have used this quote over and over, and yet believe it is also relevant in today’s post – “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”. It is often the shadow side of yourself that hold you back the most, and when you resolve this side of yourself at a deeper level and embrace that side yourself, this is when you can live in true essence of who you are, this is where you create a state of bliss in your life. You can also see this as the Ying and Yang of who you are as an individual, the balance of each side of your persona, creating the whole of who you are. Allow yourself to break free from the shadow and set yourself free!

Much of this work comes from information shared by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Your persona is created by aligning your Ego with your Self and your Shadow. This for me is becoming the true nature of you are, stripping back and living in your true naked authenticity. As the saying goes, its not easy but it is worth it! I hope you have found this article to be valuable to you and you make 2016 your best year yet! Feel free to post any questions and comments below…

I wish you all the best on your journey to success!

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