Become the Hero or Heroine in Your Own Life!

Break Free from conditions of the Past, become Present in the moment and create a vision for your Future in order to Live your Soul Purpose and Connect with Your Soul Pathway! Join Us in April for the start of our Soulful Group Coaching program...

Starting April 2017

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Some part of you wants more and you are seeking it.
The path you are on, the creative and passionate spark within you is waiting for you to...

Awaken Your Hero or Heroine from Within!

Are you yearning for deeper meaning in your life and currently feeling unfulfilled?

Do you feel shackled by conditions of the past that are causing you pain and discomfort?

Are you feeling lost in your life with the desire to gain a deeper sense of clarity and direction?

We all want to be happy, content and fulfilled, living our best life on our terms.

If any of the above sound like you, I invite you to join my group Soulful Hero's Journey Coaching and Mentoring program, starting in April 2017. During the coaching program you will be guided through the 12 Stages of The Hero's Journey. You will receive the assistance you need to break free from old conditions of the past no longer serving you. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, enabling you to face your journey ahead with greater ease. Imagine creating a vision for your future by exploring your own personal Hero's Journey!

Stages of the Group Soulful Hero's Journey Mentoring Program...

Though we will follow the structure of The Hero's Journey, we will be fluid in our approach in supporting you in your journey...

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Step 1 - Original World
During our first session, we will explore The Hero's Journey as a whole as we provide an overview of each stage. We will show you how this amazing structure can be used as a roadmap in your life to assist you with your growth and development. This will provide you with clarity on where you currently are in your life in order to discover where you want to be in the future.
Step 2 - The Call to Adventure
Within "The Call to Adventure" Stage we will begin looking at what has shaped you into the person you are today. We will explore the conditions and behaviours that are holding you back as we begin crafting a vision for your future. These will be the conditions of the Ego from society, culture, religion and values and beliefs passed onto you by your parents as we unlock what is preventing you from moving forward in your life.
Step 3 - Refusal to Call
When we begin our quest, we are naturally faced with fears and limiting beliefs that keep us shackled to the past. Within this stage, we will help you break free from of fears and limiting beliefs holding you back in order to create the future you truly desire. During this week, you will also have support material in the form of hypnotherapy and guided meditation to release your old fears from the past.
Step 4 - Mentor and Helper
In order to truly Grow, Develop and Transform you will require mentors and helpers to assist you along the way. This session will cover both your conscious and unconscious mentors to support you as you progress through your physical and emotional journey. This will enable you to begin living in alignment with your Soul Pathway as you live your Soul Purpose!
Step 5 - Crossing the Threshold
Crossing the Threshold requires both courage and confidence. During this session, we will help you build your confidence as you go about your journey and quest. Within this section, we will have Debra Oakland (Best Selling Author of Change Your Movie, Change Your Life) talking about Living in Courage, to assist you in Crossing the Threshold of adventure even though all hope may seem lost.
Step 6 - Road of Trials (Tests/ Allies and Enemies)
Your “Road of Trials” is one of the longest stages of your journey and often described as Trials by Initiation. This will initiate you into the person you are here to become! Throughout this stage, we will explore achievable goal setting to align you with your Soul Purpose and to become fulfilled in the process.

Together we will explore your values, beliefs, drivers and human needs that will assist you in building a support network.
Step 7 - Approach
Once you reach the approach stage of your journey, it's time to look at self-reflection. Within this session, we are going to explore archetypes. You will take the archetypes assessment to identify the dominant archetypes you express in the world. This will allow you to take a deeper look at your inner world in order to transform your outer world, to ultimately enable you to Awaken Your Hero or Heroine from Within.
Step 8 - Ordeal
The Ordeal stage is now where you begin putting all of your Plans into Action and start leading the life you truly want to lead. During this stage we will look at how you can integrate all you have learned throughout your trials to create the larger shifts and changes in your life. This will ultimately allow you to create the significant and transformational shift to emerge as the hero or heroine in your own life.
Step 9 - Reward
During this session we will explore the Reward phase and achieving what you truly desire. This is where we look at what success means to you personally, on both a physical and emotional level. After going through your journey what will bring you the most fulfilment. How do you live a Soul Aligned life and live your Soul Purpose?
Step 10 - Road Back
A Hero is not a hero until he gives something back. Simon Sinek uses the quote “People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it!” At this stage we will be exploring what you do and why you do it, so you can give back and pass on your message to the world in your own unique way. Therefore we will look back at your trials to help you understand your greater Soul Purpose in order to make a greater difference in the world.
Step 11 - Atonement
This is very much the final stage of the journey and known as the Death and Resurrection of who you are. This is where you completely break free from old conditions as you make way for the new. It is also the phase where you fully integrate your Ego, your Self and your Shadow to truly connect with your Soul and embrace all aspects of who you are. During this week, we will explore what that means for you!
Step 12 - Return
Finally we will look at your return home and uncover what that looks like for you!

Come and Join me on this Journey of Exploration of Self as You Connect with Your SOUL

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with one step.

Choose yourself. Take THE step.

Nichole did, here is what she had to say -

"The Heros Journey is definitely one that is both humbling and honest. It helps paint a picture of the journey of life and how it fits you as a person. Through The Hero’s Journey Andy has helped me to analyse my life and identity, my inner self has really been revealed by exploring my journey. It’s human, everything about it!

It helped me to realise how much fear impacted me over and over again. It has allowed me to actually see when I have to stop listening to that fear and knew that I could beat the odds. I can see how it affects my career, my personal life, emotionally, socially everything. I would highly recommend Andy to support you on your Journey.."

Nichole Bledsoe

Places are Limited to 25 people, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

Your Community

We are in this together

We don’t go through life alone. At times we forget how powerful we are and how important supportive relationtionships can be. When we choose to face things that hold us back or prevent us from taking action it can scary, but you are not alone, we are all in this together.

In addition to the conversation during our live sessions, you are invited to participate in our private Facebook group that will support you during and after the 12-week program. Within our Facebook group, new and updated material will be provided.

Because connections matter, use your Hero’s Journey to live your best life. Paying it forward is always a win-win!