Do you know there is a greater purpose to your life?

Do you long to make those important changes, if only you knew how?

The Soul Purpose Session allows you to truly get clear on your purpose and mission, which will ultimately allow you to live in alignment with who you are. This will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and assist you in serving your greater mission in the world!

As part of Soul Purpose Session, we take a detailed look at your Journey, your history and what has shaped you into the person you are today. You will discover your Soul's origins, gifts, purpose, and challenges. You will also learn what negative influences have impacted your life, and how it has defined who you are today, to bring together your deeper Soul Purpose!

Whether you are:

  • A Coach who is looking to share your unique gifts and talents.
  • A healer who would like to become clear on your greater purpose in the world.
  • An Individual who wants to make sense of the struggles and challenges you have faced in your life.
  • Or you are an someone who knows they have a greater purpose in their life and are wanting to become clear on what that might be!
Once you are clear of the influences in your life, you begin to see them as your Soul lessons, and will begin to grasp the bigger picture of who you are! This will allow you to become more empowered and will enable you to leave behind the struggle, to finally make the changes you are wanting to make in order to live in alignment with your true purpose.

This will ultimately allow you to live with more joy, peace and fulfillment.

Client Testimonial

“The Soul Pathway and Andy Brine. I had never heard of this process before and I didn’t expect anything major would come out of this either. I had done so many courses and none had delivered the huge aha they had promised. They all offered a piece of the pie but THIS journey finally brought it all home.

Andy’s way of approaching the journey guided me towards mypersonal journey that I had never even seen or recognized before.

From that journey, I was able to finally have a clear picture of what I do and how it truly helps people. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Andy and the journey. It is laser focused, thorough and completely helpful for anyone.”

- Nicole Levac

What you will receive:

  • 1 ½ Hour Session Where We Explore Your Souls Pathway.
  • Your Personal Soul Purpose Workbook.
  • Hypnotic Meditation to Help You Align with Your Purpose.
  • 1hr Follow Up Session to Bring Your Purpose Together.

Are you ready to move beyond the struggle and connect with your purpose?

If so, then I invite you to schedule your session below…

When you embrace your Soul and begin living from the truth of who you really are...

  • You let go of fear.
  • You eliminate worry.
  • You become stress-free.
  • You have higher self-esteem.
  • You have a greater sense of fulfillment.
  • You gain confidence.

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