EP20 – Create Live Be with Christine L Bowen

EP20 – Create Live Be with Christine L Bowen

Join Us with week with our special guest Christine L Bowen where she will share her Journey to “Create, Live and Be” Christine in a true inspiration and a divine connection, you can find out more about her below:

Christine L Bowen has over 25 years of combined experience in the areas of visual experience, professional networking, and personal development. Drawing from experience, Christine is dedicated to erving as a creative consultant to heart centered entrepreneurs who desire to achieve a higher level of excellence in business and in life.

Connect with Christine at:

Facebook: Christine L Bowen

Twitter: @ChristineLBowen

Instagram: @ChristineLBowen

When people connect with her, they are empowered to apply the principles of the #CreateLiveBe TM Philosophy – Your Reality… Crete it with Vision, Live It thru Action, Be It as a Result – allowing them to truly experience the lifestyle the were designed to live.

About the show

At The Entrepreneurs Journey we interview successful entrepreneurs from around the world to uncover their story and journey to success. We look back on their past, where they first started, their humble beginnings and transition to where they are today. Along the way we share the trials, tribulations and obstacles each #entrepreneur has had to overcome to create the life they have today. Whilst at the same time we will share the lessons they have learned in life and in business, so that you too can live a life of passion and purpose and create the life of your dreams. These Entrepreneurs guests will ultimately become your hero’s in business. Our show and work is inspired by The Hero’s Journey written by Joseph Campbell.

Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine is the Founder of The Soul Pathway, and he helps individuals embrace each and every aspect of who they are so that they can truly connect with their Soul and Awaken to their Soul Pathway. Using practices from psychology and philosophy through to coaching and spirituality, he helps people to gain clarity and perspective in their lives and live in alignment with who the are. This will enable people to live more purposeful and enriched lives.. - More Information...
  • Thank you for this opportunity and experience Andy! It is an honor to share my story with your audience.


    • It was a real pleasure @ChristineLBowen:disqus , thank you for sharing! You are a true inspiration! 🙂