Entrepreneurs and Brands with Inspiring Business Stories

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Entrepreneurs and Brands with Inspiring Business Stories

Entrepreneurs and Brands with Inspiring Business Stories - The Entrepreneurs Joruney

Often when we think about brands with inspiring stories, we think about businesses like Apple, Microsoft, Innocent Smoothies and stories from many other top brands. It was back in 2013 when I watched the first movie sharing the life and journey of Steve Jobs and Apple, though today there are many other autobiography based films illustrating the life story of people today. Much of the time these films are based around people that are well know and often regarded as celebrities. The stories that inspire and touch me are usually films like “Into the Wild” and “Wild”, where they share their adventure and quest. If you have not seen them, then I would highly recommend watching! It was only just recently that my good friend Wayne Meador finished his journey (ATrek4Change) riding from Alamaba to San Francisco on a bicycle, his journey has also inspired me and will most likely inspire you…

You may be wondering, how does this apply to me as an Entrepreneur and Business. Well…personally I believe each and every entrepreneur has an inspiring story that has lead them to where they are today. These stories become your brand story and act as a tool to connect with people and attract clients to what you do. For me, these stories leave a lasting impression and at times I will come back and revisit them. Let me share some stories of some lesser know figures that have inspired me and empowered me in my life.

For those of you who dont know, I’m passionate about natural health and well-being and enjoy watching documentary films in this area:

One of the films that struck a chord with me was the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!” which was a film about juicing. Joe Cross, started out on his journey when the doctors had told him that, in not the exact terms he was “fat, sick and nearly dead!” and he had to loose weight. This was something that shook him to the core and lead him on his journey and started his “Call to Adventure”, he then began a 30 day juice cleanse to remove toxins from his body and loose weight. Along the journey, he faced his “Road of Trials” as he battled with his autoimmune condition, chronic urticaria or hives, and became a healthy and average weight man. Finally, after he achieved the success in his own life and gained optimal health. He then took the “Road Back” as he passed on the message of juicing for health onto others throughout his trek of north america. – This has now become he brand story as he teaches others to become healthy through juicing.

The other story that inspired me was the film from Kris Carr entitled “Crazy Sexy Cancer” which is a story about Kris Carr’s journey and battle with cancer. Crazy Sexy Cancer is an irreverent and uplifting documentary about a young woman looking for a cure and finding her life. This was another touching and moving film that illustrated her personal Hero’s Journey story of getting her life back on track. This has now also become her brand story as he passes her message on to others looking to live a healthy life, free from cancer.

Now, I know all of these stories are films but as I mentioned earlier in the article. Each and every entrepreneur has an inspiring story that has lead them to where they are today. Its all comes down to uncovering your personal story and journey. The Hero’s Journey can be used as the structure to help you uncover your empowering story for your brand. When you start writing your story think ask yourself “What was my Call to Adventure?”, “What Challenges have I faced along my journey?” and “What do I do today and How do I give back to the world”. This will naturally become The Hero’s Journey story for you and your brand!

If you would like help writing an empowering business story, see the video below and contact me at andy@theentrepreneursjourney.tv and I would love to work with you. I wish you all the best on your journey to success.

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