Discover Your Hero’s Journey – MeetUp

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Discover Your Hero’s Journey – MeetUp

Heros Journey Meetup with The Entrepreneurs Journey

The work of Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey has inspired me for many years now. Its become something I am not only fascinates me but its also something that I love to share with others. Over the years his work has inspired many people from all works of life, from Film directors, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Storytellers and many more. George Lucas is said to put much of the success of Star Wars down to the work of Joseph Campbell. Countess films today follow the same structure and theme of The Heros Journey, such as Avatar, Disney Movies, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and many others.  What many people are unaware of is that this Structure is also Evident in Our Own Lives. For those of us wanting to live a life of passion and purpose, we will naturally follow this process and though it may sound cliche… become hero’s or heroines in their own lives.

Today im excited to announce my new meetup group entitled “Discover Your Hero’s Journey”, a group that I will be running with Leilah Mirza.  During the meetup group, we will breakdown the structure of The Heros Journey as it applies to you and your life. We will be using this structure as a guide and a tool for you to transform your life, so you can live a life of purpose and passion.

Our first session will outline the process and structure of The Hero’s Journey as it applies to you and your life. Each meet up thereafter we will go through each stage of the your journey one step at a time, so you can Grow, Develop and Transform your Life, and ultimately “Follow Your Bliss…”

Each session will incorporate many areas of spirituality, through to energy work and also include many modern day western methods of coaching from personality assessments, to understanding yourself, your work and your deep rooted human needs as an individual.

It will be a pleasure to have your join us on a collective journey together and assist you in becoming a hero in your own life. In the words of Joseph Campbell – “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” .We wish you all the best on your Journey to Success…

Visit the link below for more information regarding our meetup group:

P.s. MeetUp events will be held in Southampton. We would love to have your join us on our journey…


Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine - Founder of The Soul Pathway
Andy Brine is the Founder of The Soul Pathway, and he helps individuals embrace each and every aspect of who they are so that they can truly connect with their Soul and Awaken to their Soul Pathway. Using practices from psychology and philosophy through to coaching and spirituality, he helps people to gain clarity and perspective in their lives and live in alignment with who the are. This will enable people to live more purposeful and enriched lives.. - More Information...

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