Become a Conscious Warrior and Release from Past Wounds...

The Awaken Your Inner Warrior course is a 7 Week Mentoring program created for the Wounded Warrior who is seeking to reclaim his or her life and power. I have designed this course specifically to help you break free from your past wounds and conditioning in order to become awakened to who you are! Our aim is to assist you with becoming conscious and aware in your decision making process so that you are able to live with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life, and also so the you are much more content and fulfilled with who you are.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior - Program

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Let me ask you:

Do you believe you express the Warrior in your life and you typically suppress your emotions and feelings?

Are you sabotaging relationships because you can't face your pain inside?

Do you avoid difficult circumstances by the way of distracting yourself with meaningless tasks?

Are you someone who likes to battle through life in order to mask over the pain you are feeling inside?

If this sounds like you, then you are typically expressing the archetype of the conditioned Warrior and whilst this carries many positive traits, this can cause you much harm in the long term. As a conditioned Warrior, you will store emotional baggage which will build up over time, until it becomes too much. You will also tend to mask over any pain that you are feeling, as you want to be seen tough and strong and yet neglecting your emotions will only detach you from your True Self! The Awakened Warrior however will have a balance of other aspects within, you will be strong and stable whilst connected with your inner Self. You will also have a sense of balance and harmony within yourself, so that you are able to work through your emotions in a healthy way! This program is designed to assist you with breaking free from the conditioned warrior where you harbour your pain, to then move towards becoming the Awakened Warrior who can be his or her True Self and where you have created peace and harmony within!

If you can relate to these experiences and would like to Awaken to Your True Self, then I would love to support you!

Shift from Self to Soul and Awaken Your Warrior from Within...

As a man, I naturally expressed the Warrior in my life, I had been through a number of experiences that caused me a lot of pain inside. Instead of resolving the emotions and feelings inside, I would place a mask over the problem and seek for fulfilment externally. It wasn’t until I looked inwardly, that I was able to resolve my pain inside and move forward towards a much happier and peaceful life.

Over the years our Society and Culture has taught us all to live and be a certain way, and if we don’t meet the societal expectations and needs, then we can often feel inadequate and unworthy. As someone who expresses the Warrior, you can often feel disconnected as you don't meet societies expectation of who you “should” be. This can cause you to feel lost and alone, where you don't know where to turn. This course came from a need to support the archetypal Warrior's who suppress their emotions and feelings, and for those of you who use a mask to cover up your pain inside. It's for those of you who want to truly connect with who you are so that can express yourself authentically in the world!

Our main aim and goal with this course is to help you to:

  • Finally face your emotions so that you are able to stop running away from your inner demons and begin to change your life
  • Help you to gain an greater understanding of who you are so that you are able to live a much more authentic life.
  • Assist you in Awakening to Your True Self which will allow you to make more conscious decisions that are aligned with who you are as an individual!
  • Heal from Past Wounds and Resolve Situations that are causing you pain!
  • Create Balance and Harmony in Your Life so that You are Able to Move Forward with Greater Ease!

Within the program, I will help you Shift from Self to Soul as you Awaken to Your True Self! I do that by guiding you through the 7 phase of The Soul Pathway. You can see an outline of the program below:

Awaken Your Inner Warrior program...

7 Stages of the Program to Shift from Self to Soul!

(Click each section to expand)

Stage 1 - Old Self

During the first week, we will explore your Old Self and what has shaped you into the conditioned Warrior that you are today! We will do that by exploring the different layers of consciousness within the Warrior archetype whilst exploring other Archetypes to assist you with awakening other aspects of who you are! This will assist you with shifting from Ego consciousness to Soul based consciousness as you Awaken to your True Self!

Stage 2 - Soul Awakening

Within the second week, we will explore the situations and experiences you are going through in your life. This will allow us to gain a clear picture of where you are now and where you would like to be heading in the future. At this point, we can evaluate your unconscious drivers and needs as you connect with what is important and true for you in your life. This will be the first phase of exploring higher levels of consciousness within yourself!

Stage 3 - Self Inquiry

During the third week, we will explore the phase of Self-Inquiry, a place of self-reflection where we explore your journey inward. We will examine any fears and doubts that are causing you to feel overwhelmed and are holding you back. We will also identify any Shadow aspects that you are unaware of, in order to awaken that inner warrior.

Stage 4 - The Shift

Within the stage of "The Shift", you are literally shifting from the place of conditioned Self to then embracing your Soul essence. This is a physical and emotional shift that will require courage as you step into the world of the unknown and act on your intuition and guidance. At this stage, we will speak about how you can make that shift in Mind, Body, and Spirit as you raise your consciousness and awareness.

Stage 5 - Transcendence

During the phase of Transcendence, we will explore the challenges and obstacles you are facing on both a physical and emotional level. We will also speak about building a team around you to support you both physically, emotionally and spiritually. This will help you to Transcend from Self to Soul as you begin living in alignment with your True Self!

Stage 6 - Unification

Your phase of Unification is where you become at one with yourself as you bring together your Ego, Self and your Shadow. During this phase, we will look at bringing all aspects of yourself together as you become whole with yourself. Helping you to create a union of Masculine and Feminine within as you become the Awakened Warrior and truly connect with your Soul!

Stage 7 - Higher Self/ Soul Pathway

During the final week of the program, we will explore your deeper Soul Purpose where you are aligned with who you are as an individual. This will enable you to live a more purposeful and enriched life moving forward!

Awaken Your Inner Warrior with my 1:1 Mentoring and Group Coaching program

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Become a Conscious Warrior and Release from Past Wounds...
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Become a Conscious Warrior and Release from Past Wounds...
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