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The Entrepreneurs Journey - Live ShowAt The Entrepreneurs Journey we interview successful entrepreneurs from around the world to uncover their story and journey to success. We look back on their past, where they first started, their humble beginnings and transition to where they are today. Along the way we share the trials, tribulations and obstacles each entrepreneur has had to overcome to create the life they have today.  Whilst at the same time we will share the lessons they have learned in life in business, so that you too can live a life of passion and purpose and create the life of your dreams. These Entrepreneurs will ultimately become your hero’s in business. Our show and work is inspired by The Hero’s Journey written by Joseph Campbell.

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Write Your Business Story!

The Entrepreneurs Journey - Write Your Business Story

As a business we help Entrepreneurs and SME’s write an empowering business story for their company and brand. A Story that allow people to relate to their business and brand whilst at the same time allow them to build their authority and influence, and mark them as an expert in their field. We do that by guiding businesses through their own heroes journey in business. Coaching businesses how to create a brand that has a passion and purpose with a vision and goal to making a difference. We often work with Sustainable Business and Brands, Personal and Business Coached, Natural Health and Well Being advocated and SME’s from around the world.

What’s your business story?!


Your story creates YOUR UNIQUE VALUE!

Your Story is what DIFFERENTIATES YOU!

Your Story allow you to CREATE YOUR OWN NICHE!

Harness Your Origin Story – A 12 Week  Hero’s Journey Mentoring Program

The Entrepreneurs Journey - Transformational CoachingThe Hero’s Journey does not only teach storytellers how to write influential stories, it also echoes through all areas of our lives.  At The Entrepreneurs Journey we also provide transformational coaching to guide clients through their own personal journey using the hero’s journey as a structure. We coach people through their journey to live a life or purpose and passion, and from Joseph Campbell’s work teach you how to “Follow Your Bliss”.

As a transformational coaching tool, we help you align with your purpose, set your goals, outcomes and intention, and follow a path that is aligned to you and your mission. We also integrate many tools from life coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness and much more, to assist you on your journey and transform your life.

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