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What is the Hero's Journey?

The Hero’s Journey was developed by a man named Joseph Campbell who studied Mythology and Religion for many years. He studied, The Greek Gods, The Roman Times and all of the religious scriptures and books. Through his study, he went on to notice the similarities between each and every story, which was the birthing of the structure of The Hero’s Journey, also know as the Monomyth. This incredible structure went on to inspire film directors to create blockbuster films such as Star Wars, Avatar, Lords of the Rings, Harry Potter and many other well-known movies today. What is more important though is that this structure plays out within each and every one of our lives, which can help us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our journey as we go in search for our own happiness contentment and fulfillment.

How does it apply to your Life....

The Hero's Journey is an incredible tool to identify with where you are on your own journey in regards to your own spiritual growth and development. It can be used as a roadmap to not only help you create a vision for your future but to also assist you in keeping in alignment with who you are at the deeper core level. From a psychological stand-point it can help you to understand who you are and how you express yourself in the world, through the lens of archetypes. I would regard The Hero's Journey as a "Journey to Your Soul" as it helps you to connect with each and every aspect of yourself and your Soul as an individual. There are many ways of how The Heros Journey can assist you in your life, this though is how I use it to assist individuals in their lives...to break free from the past, to become present in the moment and to create a vision for their future. Helping you to Awaken Your Hero or Heroine from Within in order to connect with your Soul Pathway and Live Your Soul Purpose!

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February 21, 2017
You Are Natural Resonance

You Are Natural Resonance

When discussing resonance with my husband Cody, he brought up a great point, “The system we live in is synthetic, we are natural.” Over time, somethings […]
February 1, 2017
Recognizing Your Own Value through Natures Wisdom

Nature’s Wisdom: Recognizing our Own Value

We all have many facets to our lives that co-exist such as being a woman, a mother, a wife, employee, employer, sister, friend…. And I could […]
January 27, 2017

Understand Your Spiritual Awakening with The Hero’s Journey

Over the past few weeks and since the new year, I have been working more people to help them understand their Spiritual Awakening, their experiences and […]


  • Fabulous learning today with Andy Brine - Taking a deep dive into my ‘Personal Journey’ of self-exploration using the Hero’s Journey Process and full consultation. Andy helped me to uncover the parallels of my own life journey, where I’m at, what got me here and the gifts I have to share. The journey to your soul, your life work and the lessons learned and life experiences gained are well worth uncovering taking you ever closer to returning home to you. Highly recommend at whatever stage of the journey you are on.
  • Ursha Leela Playeù
    Andy is an amazing spiritual teacher with a lot of insight and a great ability to connect important spiritual principles with our day to day lives. His hero's journey process is unique and it helps purpose driven individuals understand their life path and the meaning of the events that are happening in their lives. Knowing your hero's journey and understanding it can help you realise your dreams much faster and with greater ease. Andy's approach is innovative and brings the element of fun and adventure into spirituality and self-development. Andy is also a very heart-centered spiritual teacher. The advice and guidance he provides is full of compassion and understanding. Andy will make you feel safe and understood each step of the way. I highly recommend Andy's Hero's Journey App as well as his coaching services.
    Ursha Leela Playeù
  • Kim Wymer
    It was a real pleasure to connect with Andy as he is a great guy, his enthusiasm with his Heros journey coaching is both inspiring and helpful. He is an excellent coach and show host and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to rise above their trials and obstacles in life. The work he does really has life changing power.
    Kim Wymer
    Happy Days Coaching
  • I had the privilege of doing The Hero's Journey - Clarity Call with Andy and found it to be a moving and enlightening experience. I found the last section particularly valuable in that it gave me a more purposeful perspective on my whole life. Andy is wonderful to work with and I would recommend his program for great insight and movement.
    Francesca Radbill
    Radbill Consulting
  • Debra Oakland
    If you are looking to explore your The Hero’s Journey and create the shifts required to live your best life, I highly recommend you work with the excellent coach and mentor Andy Brine. Having worked with Andy, I have a few words of praise. He is kind, patient, filled with integrity, teaches from experience, follows through on what he says he is going to do, and is incredibly supportive in the process. What better way to align to your passion and purpose than with someone who has done it themselves.
    Debra Oakland
    Living In Courage Online - Author of Change Your Movie: Change Your Life
  • Gia Lili
    I had never heard of The Hero’s Journey before I read Andy’s insightful articles, and tuning into his blab shows which focussed on this very powerful process. I wanted to know more, so booked in for my initial consultation with Andy. Although I found Andy’s work fascinating, I serve clients in a niche group and I wondered how the principles of the Hero’s Journey would translate into my work. I was pleasantly surprised to find many more parallels than I expected. Andy is highly knowledgeable, professional, and approachable. He was very supportive throughout the whole process of connecting me to my entire journey and story. With Andy’s help, I quickly began to see the benefits of understanding one’s own individual story and journey. I found myself being transported along the corridors of my own life as Andy and I worked together to write my empowering story. Writing my story has helped me to get crystal clear on my message, which I know will benefit my clients as a result. There’s no doubt in my mind that applying The Hero’s Journey can have a positive and powerful impact on your business. I would highly recommend Andy and his invaluable service to everyone.
    Gia Lili
    Twin Flame Mentor and Coach
  • Louise Shankster
    I really enjoyed Andy's talk on The Heros Journey, it gave me so much to take away and think about, he spoke clearly and was patient with all my questions. When i got home i told my husband and he has even since began reading Andys articles. This has ended up helping us both, we recommend others try it too
    Louise Shankster
    Soulful Holistics
  • Jo Nicholls
    We recently had Andy as a guest speaker at our Healerzone meetings where Andy spoke about The Heros Journey as it applies to your life. He spoke about how he approaches his coaching with this journey as an outline. The very basis of the method he uses were shared in a clear and easily understood manner. I cannot on a personal level put into words how important the concept of knowing yourself and your journey is when you are in a 'helping' profession. The content was clear, concise and professional, and the guests left with plenty of notes they had taken and very satisfied with the content shared. They all left feeling that they knew themselves better and were also in a better place to help their own clients and that as a speaker! Andy had gone above and beyond once again. I can highly recommend Andy, as a guest speaker he is worth his weight in gold
    Jo Nicholls
    The Crystal Sanctuary & Essex Healerzone Group
  • Donna Louise Tough
    I would like to thank you Andy for introducing me to the “Hero's Journey” since I listened to you give a talk on it at Healerzone Essex it has really helped me not only give a deeper clarity to my own journey but it has also enriched the way I work with my counselling clients supporting them in understanding their own journeys. Your talk was so interesting I just had to do further research, I got to understand that through comparative mythology we all go through a cycle of events (Hero's journey) it's structured in a way that it fits everybody and a person will easily see what stage they are at any given moment, also collectively you can see our spiritual evolution in the Hero's journey, I think learning about the Hero's journey helps you pinpoint individually where we are and the ability to foresee in a sense the next stage of our journey. Thank you Andy for helping me understand this tool that has helped me and will continue to do so in my personal life and the life of my clients.
    Donna Louise Tough
    Unlock Your Freedom
  • Nicole Levac
    The Hero’s Journey and Andy Brine. I had never heard of this process before and I didn’t expect anything major would come out of this either. I had done so many courses and none had delivered the huge aha they had promised. They all offered a piece of the pie but THIS journey finally brought it all home. Andy’s way of approaching the journey guided me towards my own hero’s journey that I had never even seen or recognized before. From that journey, I was able to finally have a clear picture of what I do and how it truly helps people. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Andy and the journey. It is laser focused, thorough and completely helpful for any business owner.
    Nicole Levac
    Locksmith for Your Soul
  • Nichole Bledsoe
    The Heros Journey is definitely one that is both humbling and honest. It helps paint a picture of the journey of life and how it fits you as a person. Through The Hero’s Journey Andy has helped me to analyse my life and identity, my inner self has really been revealed by exploring my journey. It’s human, everything about it! It helped me to realise how much fear impacted me over and over again. It has allowed me to actually see when I have to stop listening to that fear and knew that I could beat the odds. I can see how it affects my career, my personal life, emotionally, socially everything. I would highly recommend Andy to support you on your Journey.
    Nichole Bledsoe
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